Polish & Mirage Need an Update

Mirage and polish are cool features but are considerably underwhelming in application.

I am admin for many WordPress websites most stick with free, but those who do get pro get sold on some cool features notably the 2 above but they are Soo outdated and underwhelming.

Basically on the fly image compression for images on Cloudflares servers. However the feature doesn’t look to have gotten much attention in development, however since the rocket loader was recently updated I would assume we can expect some of that love to reach polish as well.

Notable Issues

  • Image Compression Level on lossy is 85 - by default WordPress does 82 I believe which yields a better compression (although WordPress doesn’t strip exif data so you do notice small improvement when using polish)
  • I am aware Cloudflare is likely using a different compression technology and therefore the 1 to 1 ratio isn’t fair but overall it does seem underwhelming. Infact I found using the jetpack photon / wp.com free cdn offered better compression across the board.
  • lossy compression is only for .jpeg / .jpg … Many people don’t use jpeg images when they should and instead stick large .png or .gif etc etc images and currently they wouldn’t receive lossy compression. While certain file formats it’s difficult lossy compression for png is widely used on many sites (many free WordPress plugins also offer this).

So a better compression and expanded lossy compression for other formats would be beneficial.

Mirage I compare to really smart lazy loading for images however, mirage only works when a connection is slow, and on certain devices / browsers which makes it underwhelming.

Mirage does have some issues working with images included in galleries where images don’t have a set size and are determined by JavaScript from my own experience but that’s understandable even traditional lazy loading has this issue.

This all aside mirage is a cool tool that works only under specific circumstances and that makes it hard to feel it’s impact. Have trials been done to see what it’s impact would be on desktop devices?

It’s just strange because whenever I get someone to sign up for pro, and I actually activate these features they are just so underwhelming and I feel they need improvements and have fallen behind much like the rocket loader did until recently.

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