Polish Lossy still using PNG

I’m using the CMS Cloudcannon to run my website. I have Polish set up using Lossy and WebP but my image formats are still PNG’s. Can anyone help shed some light on this?

Your images are not served from your Cloudflare domain but from a host which points directly to Amazon.

forgive my ignorance but is there a simple fix for this?

You need to change your image links so they do not point to Amazon but to your domain instead, however that is a change on your server.

Ok I’ve made the change and given it 24 hours and I’m still not seeing Polish activated. Am I missing anything. Thanks!

cf-cache-status does need to be a HIT if it’s going to deliver WebP. That, and the WebP file must be significantly smaller than the source image.


What @sdayman said. Furthermore, I tested your website (after refreshing once), and it seems ALL images on your home page, that are served from your own website, were polished.

For example, image senior-man-pointing-at-book-sm.jpg got converted from jpg to webp:

cf-bgj: imgq:85
cf-cache-status: HIT
cf-polished: qual=85, origFmt=jpeg, origSize=56281
content-disposition: inline; filename="senior-man-pointing-at-book-sm.webp"
content-length: 21628
content-type: image/webp

All :poland: now :smile:


Awesome, thanks everyone!

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