Polish image and pro plan

I’ve been using the pro plan for 2 days now and have cleared the cache. Why has nothing happened for almost 3 days now?

My website is a low code web app hosted on Firebase. In the network field, there is nothing showing cf- in the header.

That first screenshot shows only 20% proxied, so I bet your actual site isn’t proxied. What’s the site URL?

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Slightly NSFW site.

Ok, the site is proxied, but most of its content comes from outside your domain. What does come from your domain is caching pretty well:

Everything else is coming from Google, which won’t be proxied by Cloudflare.

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It means it’s good, right? And will polish image be usable or not?

What you have in your domain is good. Even the DYNAMIC responses are very fast.

But the images won’t be Polished, because they are not coming from your domain.

I hope the images can be cached more quickly, so I tried polish image. Or is using firebase hosting already a CDN?

What should I do to use cloudflare’s polish image?

Thank you very much for answering me. You responded like a bot and were really helpful. Thank you very much.

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Can I add my real domain along with it?

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