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I’ve turned on the polish feature for my website and made it lossless with the webp box ticked. I would of thought on chrome browers when I try to save the image it will save a webp image but it still saves as a jpeg. Does that mean the webp feature isn’t working for me?

How did you check this? Only by looking at the extension? That wont change.

However, Cloudflare will convert to WebP only if the file is smaller than the original one.

Post a sample link.

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I checked it by opening the image in a new tab and saving it. It saved with a jpeg extension. Here is the link https://becalmbaby.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Rabbit_Silicone_Teether_2.jpg

The extension is irrelevant, the content is what matters.

However, the image does not need to be converted in the first place.

cf-polished: status=not_needed

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