Polish doesn't seem to release webp images on my website

Hi, I’ve enabled Polish in order to optimize images of my website for Google Pagespeed Insights.
I’ve choosen lossy compression and enabled webp option.
Google Pagespeed keeps telling me that I’ve to change my image format to webp in order to be faster and in fact, if I open images link with my browser (Google Chrome), I find jpg extension and not webp extension.
Can someone help?

There are probably a lot of folks with more experience using polish that can comment, but AFAIK, WebP conversion does not change the URLs of images. The “Content-Type” HTTP header tells the browser the true format of an image.

Can you share the domain?

That is correct. Also the conversion happens only if the benefit is there, if the file size is comparable it won’t be converted.


yup content-type and content-disposition headers and other cf headers will confirm if an image is webp or not while the original image extension is retained

example for affbannercircle.png image being CF polished with auto conversion to webP

cf-bgj: imgq:85
cf-cache-status: HIT
cf-polished: origFmt=png, origSize=11683
cf-ray: 53533a03996fe9bf-BNE
content-disposition: inline; filename="affbannercircle.webp"
content-length: 7362
content-type: image/webp
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Thank you so much for your help.
My website is https://www.euro-target.net/ and you can check just the home page
Google Pagespeed says that a lot of performance can be achieved by compressing images with webp, but polish doesn’t seem to work.

Well, it would work if the website was on Cloudflare most likely…

Click on the :grey: near the DNS records for the root and the www subdomain.

Thankyou very much. I’ve to be more careful…

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