Polish does not serve webp images

Hi, on my eurotarget.com domain (cloudflare pro plan), polish seems to serve webp images instead of jpg only sometimes.
For example if I test this page https://eurotarget.com/it/auto/fiat/croma/1081749/ with google pagespeed insights, i can see the image format warning 2 times each 3 searches.
Is there any way to know where the problem is?

It will only serve webp when the image request is a ‘hit’ in the Cloudflare cache. If the image has to be served from your origin (miss) then it will serve whatever your origin is setup for. Also, it won’t serve webp if the file size isn’t much smaller than the original, but I don’t know the specifics on that.

If you don’t get many visitors from the U.S. then it’s less likely your images will stay in the cache at Cloudflare’s U.S. datacenters, which means Google PageSpeed bot will be getting misses in the cache, and it won’t be served webp. How close together are you doing these 3 searches though? The images shouldn’t fall out of the cache that quickly.

Try doing 3 PageSpeed checks within 5 minutes or so. If search 2 and 3 aren’t served webp (you get warnings) then there may be something wrong. You could also find a page checker that lets you choose a point closer to your target audience. I’ve never used it, but try this: Gift of Speed

Anyway, it’s more important that your real visitors are getting hits when requesting images and everything else. Google does keep track of that real world data.

Hi trichstir,
thank you so much for your help.
Here is a log of my attempts on Google Pagespeed for this page https://eurotarget.com/it/auto/fiat/croma/1081749/

3/5/2021, 16:59:23 > Miss (JPG)
3/5/2021, 17:09:25 > Hit (Webp)
3/5/2021, 17:10:14 > Hit (Webp)
3/5/2021, 17:11:05 > Miss (JPG)

I understand the first “miss”, but I don’t understandthe fourth… If I go on testing it’s about 1 Hit each 2 Miss.

Do you have any idea?

There are multiple caches/servers in each datacenter. It can take a few requests before all the caches populate.

The 4th being a miss was a surprise to me, but sdayman knows more about the specifics than I do, and it makes sense that it’ll need more requests to catch up, particularly if you have very little organic traffic from the U.S.

Did you try testing from a location closer to where your visitors are coming from? Unfortunately, Google only allows us to check PageSpeed from their U.S. servers as far as I know. Maybe try Germany on that Gift Of Speed checker? Or test it yourself using DevTools in a browser (start a new private browsing window for each test).

But like I said, the real world data from your visitors is still measured by Google so that is more important than these “lab tests” from the U.S., particularly if that’s not your target audience. These other services (Gift of Speed, GTmetrix, etc.) will probably give you a better idea of how the cache will act in real conditions.

Thank you all, I hoped there was some debugging tool (for exemple to see where the cached imaged is or is not) but I guess there is not.

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