Polish choosing large png over small webp

We’re unsure if Polish is working since the homepage hero image is a large png that could easily be reduced in size by converting it to webp, but it isn’t. I’m wondering if there’s something blocking Cloudflare from running Polish?

Homepage: (https://www.hscfoundation.mb.ca/)

Screenshot of image size differences after compression/conversion:

Polish Settings: Lossy, webp checkbox is checked. Can also confirm that the image resizer is not on as we read it can cause conflicts.

Polish is working on your site. When I first loaded it, all png images were delivered as webp except the one you specified, which stayed as png and was a cache miss. When I cleared my browser cache and reloaded (for another fresh load) all png images including that one were delivered as webp, and that one was loaded from Cloudflare’s cache.

Polish won’t deliver webp if it wouldn’t be faster. It’s possible that image takes a longer time to convert and so Cloudflare just delivers the png when it would be faster. It’s webp every time for me now, except the first time.

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