Polish Active, Not Working (no headers)


Pro account, DNS proxied through Cloudflare and Polish is active…but I’m seeing no headers or evidence that it’s actually working.

Thoughts, advice or recs? We have an image heavy site and I’d love to be able to use CH to deliver a more performant site for users.

Hi @jason31,

I see many images that were processed with Polish. Keep in mind that:

  1. Cloudflare will not cache or polish images that are not served by your domain. (Such as images on CDNs)

  2. Only cached images get Polish-ed. If you purge all files, for instance, and revisit your site, the first visit after a purge will show the original image, but subsequent requests will get them with Polish.


OK…that explains a lot!

  1. Pantheon, our host, offers their Global CDN as part of their core offerings. So our images are not being served out by our domain. Do you happen to know if there’s any way to make CF and Global CDN work in concert or is this truly a binary choice?

We’re also using JetPack’s Site Accelerator…so I can’t see that helping this either.

Any thoughts on which is the superior option?

  1. I dumped the cache immediately before looking for cf-polish

I don’t think so, and I don’t think it would make much sense. What I’d do instead is compare the different combinations (CF+CDN+JetPack; CF+CDN; CF+JetPack etc) by monitoring your site during the course of a week or so, setting some pages to be with CF only, others with CF+CDN and so on. You should be able to do this by creating a monitor using GTMetrix or similar service.

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