Polish active, but having no affect on images

Hello crew.

I’m new to CF, but I’ve got a handle on most of it’s features. I am however, having an issue with polish.

My site, houseofheat.co , is image heavy. I’ve implemented Polish, cleared Cache, and tested images through dev tools, but there’s no sign of compression.

I’ve got no idea why. Any ideas?

As an added note, Desktop speed is already great, but It’s mobile resizing I’m concerned about, as our mobile interface has some code-heavy JS, I want the rest to load as quick as possible.

What are your Polish settings?

“Mmmm, Pierogi” :drooling_face:

Lossless / webP

And could you post an example URL where you’d expect Polish to work? In regard to WebP, you are testing it using Chrome, right?

https://houseofheat.co/app/uploads/2019/01/img01-5-min-640x400.jpg for example returns

origSize=30852, status=webp_bigger

indicating there is no advantage of converting it to WebP.

https://houseofheat.co/app/themes/pvtl/dist/assets/images/logo-white.png on the other hand was converted


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Ok great, well that’s a relief! Appreciate the hustle!

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