Polish activated but no webp images served

I’ve activated Polish on kapama.com (https://snipboard.io/nS2pdm.jpg) but no webp conversions are visible. I understand that CF may decide not to convert optimised jpg images but there are also pngs on the site that remain png. I’m no headers expert but I also don’t see any mention of Polish in the headers. I’ve set up no configuration rules as I understand they are optional.

When I load your site, I see some png images being delivered as webp. The ones that are remaining as png have response headers like:

cf-polished: origSize=137857, status=webp_bigger
cf-polished: status=not_needed

Polish will only convert to webp if it’s beneficial.

I also see some png images being delivered as reduced-size png, as indicated by headers like:

cf-polished: origSize=8638
Content-Length: 7226

The ones that are being converted to webp have headers like:

cf-polished: origFmt=png, origSize=20056

So it looks like it’s working as expected.

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You’re right. I was filtering for webp which didn’t show me any results but after your feedback, I sorted by type and found 4 files that had been converted to webp. Thank you for your prompt feedback :slight_smile:

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