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Hello and don’t get tired of serving the biggest security site in the world. I have a question. Do you support a commercial site and a Bitcoin mining application? I want to know if these companies have investment credit or not. Please answer.

Your question was already answered by Cloudflare staff nealy a month ago.

Sir, you didn’t answer me. The website https://wezudex.com/ has blocked two of my accounts that I invested through your site, and just a few minutes ago, a message came from the security site Coldfeller that me account has been blocked.
Where is your guarantee for the business site you support that blocks the account, through you. And it is not known how much capital has been destroyed. Recently, you support a site or a program that is mining digital currency in the form of cloud. I am personally afraid to invest. Even though you have tagged it, where is the credibility of these commercial sites? There is no one to answer here or I should speak in a different tone

You seem to be confused as to what services Cloudflare offers. Cloudflare provides online security tools that site operators can use to protect their online infrastructure.

Cloudflare does not block anyone from accessing any websites. Those decisions are entirely at the whims of the site operators that use Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is not the arbiter of the credibility of any sites that use its tools. Your expectation of such is misguided. As indicated in your previous topic to which I linked, you should be discussing your investment risk with a fiduciary. Cloudflare does not provide such advice.


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