Polestar drives Chinese consumer confidence and scores a Super Bowl win with Cloudflare

Polestar has always focused on performance and innovation. From its roots as an automotive racing team, the organization evolved to become Volvo’s performance tuning arm. Under the Volvo brand, the Polestar badge became synonymous with the Swedish manufacturer’s more sporty offerings.

For automobile manufacturers, an effective digital infrastructure is central to both product performance and how customers perceive and interact with the manufacturer. Within the performance EV sector, Polestar has the mechanical pedigree, but wants to take its digital experience to the next level.

Unfortunately, the Polestar Configurator experienced performance and availability issues in China — a lucrative market where one in every five cars sold is an EV (1).

At the heart of the problem was Polestar’s CDN provider, which had issues with the restrictive Chinese Internet infrastructure and connectivity problems with its global AWS network. The only solution was a partner that could overcome the latency, congestion and peering, and DNS issues that negatively affected customer perceptions of Polestar technology and the cars themselves.

In addition to adopting the Cloudflare China Network, Polestar moved away from its underperforming cloud services and CDN provider, switched to the Cloudflare global network for content delivery worldwide, and began web development using Cloudflare Workers serverless edge computing services. Find out what happened next, read more.

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