Points to prohibited IP error 1000

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my website magillremovalist.com.au

what ip should add A recode ?? i have’t no idea
where can i find that ip ?
thank you

That IP address comes from your web host. They should already have DNS records you can look at, then type those same records in over here.

i add here top of tham
but still got a seam problem
what should i do ?

DNS points to prohibited IP

error 1000

thank you !

www is fine. It’s the “A” records for magillremovalist.com.au (without the www) that’s the problem. Those look like Cloudflare IP addresses. It should be the same IP address as the www. And you only need one of those entries for the non-www. And as I scan down the list, you have yet two more “A” records for ‘www’. Get rid of those as well. And I bet those AAAA records are bad as well. Either way, you don’t need the AAAA records.

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