Pointing to cloudflare deactivates website

Before I registered an account at cloudflare, I had a domain, say “myweb.site” at a host, say “domainhost”, and a hosting service with a host, say “webhost”, running a website and some other apps. I still have both of those, to be clear. I also have a Synology box at home. Instead of broadcasting this box to the world, I wanted to access it through cloudflare. Now comes my novice mistake: I pointed the domainhost to cloudflare and hoped cloudflare would automatically point to the webhost where necessary.

As a result, myweb.site is unavailable, just completely invisible, as are any subdomain.myweb.site. The only working thing, at this point, is mysynologybox.myweb.site, since I set that up to connect to my NAS. Which is great, right, but it would be even greater to have the other things working, too. Which setting in cloudflare do I have to edit to point some subdomains to my webhost?

As an info, here’s pretty much what I did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvIdFs3M5ic with the slight difference, that the domain I used was already in use. I guess the easiest solution would be to just register a new domain and use that instead, but something tells me that it should be possible with the one domain.

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Do you have a DNS record in your Cloudflare account for the name of your website? If not, you will need to add it. Check this Community Tutorial for details.


thanks. I will check the tutorials and the other links and report back. I might have a friend that can help me with some technical terms tomorrow afternoon, too. I’ll see what comes of it.

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