Pointing the Microsoftonline DNS to Cloudflare

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I have previously setup two other accounts for my clients which were so easy to do and work extremely well with the plugin I used on Wordpress.

However, I have just inherited a website which is hosted at Hetzner. This would have been straightforward but the client’s external IT guys implemented Office 365 and the Nameservers point to:

I’m worried that by requesting the IT guys to point the DNS to Cloudflare that it will interfere or completely disrupt the Office 365 and email as well.

In this instance, is it possible to use Cloudflare? If it is, how do I do it (or rather what information do I send to the IT guys?

According to the one IT guy, Cloudflare has Office 365 templates??

I’d be grateful for your assistance.

I have searched for this but couldn’t find any help files.

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Yes, possible, this has come up a few times, https://community.cloudflare.com/search?q=office365%20cloudflare. The :search: will return office 365/cloudflare posts for background research. One post shares this link, https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/admin/dns/create-dns-records-at-Cloudflare?view=o365-worldwide.

Finally, great #Tutorials on email here, Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues when using Cloudflare.


Thank you Cloonan,

Appreciate you taking time to answer and post links :):grinning:

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