Pointing Subdomains to different IP

Hi guys,

I’m trying to point my subdomains to our testing server, but they don’t seem to be showing. Can you help me understand where I’m going wrong?

Thanks, Charlie

  • What exactly does not show up?
  • What would you expect to show up?
  • What did you add?

Or are you referring to the hosts in the screenshot not resolving to the IP addresses you specified?

If so -> https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/205177068-Step-1-How-does-Cloudflare-work-

You’d need to unproxy the entries in question.

It can’t find the server, it’s not resolving. This was happening before I added the subdomains to Cloudflare, so I thought maybe it would be because they were not on here. I’ve since added them and still nothing.

Actually it’s just started doing its thing, so clearly I just need to grow a bigger pair and wait for things to happen. :rofl:

Yes, propagation can usually take some time.

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