Pointing specific sub-domains to cloudflare

I have a domain called imaze.us. It is pointed to a Cpanel server,
I have a sub-domain of it called tapp2.imaze.us. I want to point that specific subdomain to cloudflare.

Is it possible to do that?

It’s much easier if you use Cloudflare for the entire domain and use DNS records to direct traffic however you want.

Yes, but it would have to be through a different domain’s configuration, like a CNAME setup.


Please help me to understand which CNAME record I need to add from my cpanel to make that sub-domain work under cloudflare?

It’s explained in the link I posted. As I said, it’s much easier to add the entire domain. A CNAME setup requires someone who’s more of a systems administrator with access to an account that supports SSL for SaaS.

Yes, it requires a business plan.

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