Pointing old previously own domain to new website deployed on pages

I have just built and deployed a static website. I deployed it using your “worker pages” method and I linked the website files using my GitHub repository. The site is for a small business and they use a middle man for their domain name (blackdome.com), who I have contacted. He tells me he needs the ip address to the hosting provider so he can then point the already in use domain, “blackdome.com” to my website I deployed using cloud fare, Black Dome Mountain Sports ‐ Official Website. I have searched all over for a web host ip address and cannot find it. Can you please tell me the cloud fare ip address or where to find it for my website.

With an external domain, you can only use subdomains (like www.blackdome.com) for Cloudflare Pages:

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when I tried that it said that subdomain already exists. Is there not an ip address that my domain guy could use that is Cloudflare specific?

The IP can change at any time. You must use a CNAME. It is the only option.

So delete it and replace it with the required CNAME.

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