Pointing newly transferred domain at my website

Hi all, apologies for my lack of tech know-how! I moved all my domains to Cloudflare as Google Domains is now defunct. I intend to only use it as a place to house the domains, not the other Cloudflare features (yet). One of the domains was setup on a Wordpress site of mine. The site is now down because I moved the domain. When I try to change the custom name servers to point to Wordpress again Cloudflare is trying to sign me up to a $200/month subscription! Can I do this with Cloudflare on the free account as I did with Google Domains? Or do I need to transfer any domains I want to use for websites out to another domain hosting provider?
Thanks for any help folks!

You have to use Cloudflare nameservers when the domain is registered with Cloudflare. If that is not an option, you would have to transfer it to another registrar.

Thanks Sandro. So is it as simple as ‘if you have a domain registered with Cloudflare, you can’t use it on a Wordpress site? Unless you pay $200 per month’. I’m amazed if that’s the case.

That is not what I said. You can certainly configure whatever DNS entries you need on Cloudflare.

Ok so please help me understand what Im getting wrong. If i have to use Cloudflare name servers (which seems to be the case) is it not going to be possible to use that domain on a WP site? Or is there a way of doing this?

Sure, you only need to configure the necessary DNS entries on Cloudflare - Manage DNS records · Cloudflare DNS docs

If you are not sure which you need to configure, contact your host to clarify that.

I believe there are 3 custom name servers required to point a domain at a WP site. That’s what was setup for the domain on Google Domains. But Cloudflare has forced me to use their custom name servers instead and does not give me the option of changing them to the 3 WP ones used before. Is Cloudflare not used as a simple domain registrar as I thought it was? Do people only host their domains there when using the other Cloudflare products? It doesn’t seem setup for simple usage with WP sites like I’m trying to do.

Cloudflare is not really a registrar, that’s just an added service. But that’s not really the point here.

You either configure the required entries on Cloudflare or transfer the domain to another registrar, once eligible. That’s it I am afraid.

If your host provides an export, you can also add that

Yeah seems you need to be using their services to change custom name servers. Found this in a medium article "Take note that Cloudflare doesn’t allow you to change the nameservers of any domains registered with them, so you must use their own DNS service. "
Wish I’d seen that before I switched all my domains over!!
Thanks for your help Sandro

The custom nameservers you found are actually still Cloudflare nameservers. So that plan wouldn’t enable that either.

If you do not want to use Cloudflare nameservers, you have to transfer to another registrar.

Why? Cloudflare DNS is going to be superior to that provided by any hosting company. You don’t need to use WordPress nameservers to host a site at WordPress.

I understand the OP was referring to the domain transfer.

Really epic.network? (I’m clearly in way over my head here! :slight_smile: ).
I thought the custom name servers were the way you link a domain hosted in one place to a website hosted at another. So when the domain was with G Domains it needed wordpress custom name servers to point to the Wordpress site. Honestly I just want that nice simple setup again but I don’t want to pay a hefty price per month for the privilege. Is that possible with CLoudflare without paying for their additional services? It’s not letting me edit the ‘custom name servers’ in Cloudflare without upgrading to the Business subscription ($200/month).

Again, the custom nameservers won’t do anything.

As mentioned a few times already, you need to configure the necessary entries on Cloudflare. If that is not an option and you have to use other nameservers, you can’t use Cloudflare and the registrar service does not work either.

How to configure those entries, we already discussed.

As @sandro had indicated, you are misunderstanding what the custom nameservers feature does. It does not allow you to set external nameservers. It lets you use your domain name on your Cloudflare nameservers. Custom nameservers are still Cloudflare nameservers.

In your first post, you mentioned that you were trying to use your domain with WordPress. As you can see from the link I shared in my previous reply, you can use WordPress with Cloudflare nameservers. You just need to follow their Alternative Method.

Yes I just saw that thanks. Is that method any less fast/secure than others?

Nothing of this has anything to do with performance or security. This is solely a DNS issue and you need to make sure to have the correct entries configured on Cloudflare. You really best contact your host’s support and clarify this with them as that is somewhat off-topic for here. This is a hosting issue.

Once more, if they provide you with a DNS export, you can easily import all of that.

OK. I’m going to try the alternative method. Thanks again for your patience!

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