Pointing nameservers to Cloudflare from Dynect


I have a number of domains that a client has on Dynect ( https://dynect.net/ ) and they want to point the nameservers to Cloudflare.

I have set up all of the domains on Cloudflare and the first issue arrises when I try to use the Cloudflare nameservers. It does not seem to allow for domain names and only accepts IP addresses.

So, my second attempt was to use IP addresses instead of nameservers, which I believe are

I have tried this with Notifies/Transfers each separately and although they are accepted, neither of them have had any effect. I have waited over 48 hours and digging the domain still shows the nameservers are set to Dynect.

So my question is, does anyone have any experience pointing Dynect domains nameservers to Cloudflare? Or does anyone have any suggestions for how to get this to work?



That looks like a system to run name servers in parallel, with Dynect being the primary name servers, and Cloudflare as a secondary server. Cloudflare doesn’t do DNS zone transfers, and this system does not apply.

Dynect isn’t their domain registrar, is it?

Dynect isn’t their domain registrar, is it?

That’s an good point - I will check with the client as they have not mentioned a registrar to me.


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