Pointing nameservers to another Cloudflare account


Usually, when I point a domain to CF, CF does a DNS scan and creates the DNS records. When the domain is fully propagated, traffic gets served via CF.

I have one domain domain.tld that is currently pointing to someone else’s CF account:


My CF NS are as follows:


If I point domain.tld to my CF account, does CF create the a-record with the correct IP address? In other words, I don’t know the current a-record value because it shows CF’s IP on domain lookup. So after I update the nameservers, does CF automatically resolve to the correct IP address, or does it get to create the scanned IP address (which is CF’s address)?

In the case that CF creates an a-record that points to CF’s IP (as per the DNS scan), does the website operate normally since the other CF account is still active?

Did anyone try this before?

Short answer is no, it will not work. You need the actual IP of the site, leaving Cloudflare’s there will give you Error 1000 on your site.

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