Pointing my nameservers to one domain

From Midphase my website server company: your name servers are with (lakas.ns.cloudflare.c0m). , (nora.ns.cloudflare.c0m). for this domain can you speak to them and make sure that the ip address for this domain is only pointing to (http://kentuckybarrels.c0m) for i can see that it is pointing to multiple places you only need one ip address and that is for it to point to []

Why are they asking for this?

If you’re using Cloudflare to protect your site, it’s going to proxy your traffic through the 104. and 172. IP addresses.

I am sorry I new to all this, please see pic with chat transcript from MidPhase and advise if you will.
Let me know what other questions you may have and I will talk with again to resolve.

If something isn’t working on your site, your best bet is to go to the Overview tab for your domain on dash.cloudflare.com and click “Pause Cloudflare on Site” in the lower right corner.

This will send all traffic directly to the IP address they want it to point to. Once you get it working again, you can UnPause Cloudflare.

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