Pointing my Heroku app to own domain



I want to point my dns target to my domain name, I’m supposed to add the dns target to cloudflare as cname, but on my dns I see the domain already mapped to another IP address. Am I supposed to edit that or just create a new cname for all this? I’ll really appreciate any help. Thanks.


Error 525 handshake failed

Can you post your domain and a screenshot of your DNS settings on Cloudflare?


Hey Sandro,

Domain is sororitie.com


All right, setup looks okay. Which entry would you like to point where?


I would generally avoid wildcards. Am I right to assume you want your naked domain and your www record to point to terrestrial-triceratops-28ld43h1xc8plrz17u3uk1qy.herokudns.com? If so you should just create to CNAMEs for www and @ and point them to the address. Note that the @ record will be marked as flattened as these can typically not be CNAMEs and will be turned on-the-fly to A records with the applicable IP address.


I’ve just tried to do that and this is what I get:

I changed the @ to sororitie.com too


You already have an A record. You will need to remove that first as the message indicates.


Thank you for being so patient with me Sandro.

So, should I remove the other A records? Am I on the right track now?


Does your naked domain go to the right place now?

As for the other A records, I cant tell. If you dont need them you can remove them. If you do, obviously not :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, not yet. I keep on getting this error.


That is presumably because of your SSL mode which should be one of the "Full"s if you want to use HTTPS. Also, check that your origin is properly configured.


I really don’t understand what that means, sorry, can you please guide me through that?


Post a screenshot of your Crypto section on Cloudflare.



Set that Flexible to Full strict and check how it goes. Just make sure you have a proper and valid certificate on your server.


It worked, I’m so excited I have a different error, lol, means we are moving. Any ideas now? Do I need to change anything on my domain?


As I mentioned before you need to make sure you have a proper certificate on your server. If you have a certificate but it is not valid you could downgrade to just “Full” but “strict” is certainly preferable from a security point of view.


Downgrading does nothing yet, should I contact my domain provider to help me generate an ssl cert?


Whats the host you are trying to point to? The screenshot shows a different value from what you posted earlier.


I’m trying to point my heroku domain to my custom domain.


Am I answering this well? Sorry. I’ve run out of replies.