Pointing from NameCheap to Cloudflare

I tried to change at NameCheap my NameServers to point to Cloudflare - error showed up.
After Sublitting a Ticket they said as follows:

"We would like to let you know that that according to the Registry regulations, domains should be pointed to at least two authoritative nameservers.

The nameservers which have you provided appear to be the same: aron.ns.cloudflare.com
Hence, please recheck and ensure to use two different nameservers for the domain name.

So what two different Name Servers I should use then?

Cloudflare should have given you 2 different nameservers to make use of. What are you seeing in the Cloudflare dashboard when trying to add your domain?


I noticed a second server name in mu Dashboard.

So finally sorted out :wink:

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