Pointing from cloudflare to builderall

Hey community,

I want to point from Cloudflare to builderall. I have the NS settings from 1and1 point to Cloudflare now. And I want to keep that – I love Cloudflare!

Builderall gives me these settings here:

ns5.l4dns.com -
ns6.l4dns.com -

What do I need of these now? Can I set it as an NS record as well?


There are several other Community posts about Builderall. They don’t use Builderall’s name servers. They just add Builderall’s website IP address as regular DNS records here.

Hey! But that works for subdomains as well as a full domain? I have one domain that I want to use with builderall fully and one where I only want to use a subdomain…

Can you please tell me if I need to use an A-Record or the NS records?

My guess is that this is for A

and this for NS

I can pick both in cloudflare…


According to your first post, that’s the IP address of a name server. Those aren’t going to point to your website. You’ll need to get the IP addresses of the server where your site is hosted. If Builderall doesn’t already have a DNS page for you with all the necessary DNS records listed, you’ll have to ask them what to use.

I suggest you use the Search function here to get a feel for how others are using Builderall. There aren’t that many threads, so it shouldn’t take too long to read.

Let me tell you real quick why I want this: you answered my other post as well. I want to filter people from some regions before they hit my builderall page. So I want to have cloudflare between my registar and builderall.

This is everything I got from builderall:

ns5.l4dns.com -
ns6.l4dns.com -

If I add these ns5.l4dns.com and ns6.l4dns.com to my registar my builderall pages work with my domain. But then I then don’t have the cloudflare settings I need.

The question is, if that what I have in mind is even possible! Or can I only point from my registar to builderall directly?

Without knowing the proper DNS records for your web server, you won’t be able to use Cloudflare. The name server records you’ve mentioned several times will have no impact here.

I have it solved: For anyone who has the same problem: In Builderall go to “Apps - DNS Manager” Use the A record you can find there…

Thanks for your help, everyone

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