Pointing domain with cloudflare to bluehost

I need to point my domain to web host/ site. Domain now registered with cloudflare
I received this from bluehost and they said cloudlare will help, sent emails via support and heard nothing

I can see that it is registered with Register.com, Inc. https://www.whois.com/whois/stormwriter.net
If you wan to assign that domain to Bluehost, please update the domain A record to Bluehost server IP -
Host record : @
Type : A
points to : As well as CNAME
Host record : www
Type : CNAME
Points to : stormwriter.net
Propagation time can vary depending on the geographical location. Normally, the domain DNS takes 0-8 hours and is known to take up to 48 hours maximum to completely propagate.
Once it is propagated you can assign the domain to your account using this link: https://my.bluehost.com/cgi/hosting/assign once the domain is assigned , you need to update the URL and permalinks and the SSL will automatically enabled from server end .
As well as you can create domain email address like [email protected] through Bluehost . It looks more professional and even you can use it in your website.
You can host 5 domain email address through Bluehost!
If you would like to host domain emails then MX record should points to Bluehost so I suggest to update domain name server to Bluehost .
You can contact your domain registrar and update these records -

Nameserver changes can typically take 1 to 24 hours to take effect, but they are known to take as long as 48 hours to go into full effect.

Please Contact Cloudflare and provide the above details and they will help you to update the above DNS records from their end.

Any help please!

Login to your cloudflare account. You will see your domain there. Click that domain to manage it.

If there are @ (root) record and www record, then click Edit at the end of that row and do the same as above.


Thank you very much Huyhoa.
I hope I have done it correct. However I did not understand this bit.

If there are @ (root) record and www record, then click Edit at the end of that row and do the same as above.

Will my domain now point to my website? and can I tell bluehost to change my domain to stormwriter.net?
best regards

Please take a screenshot of your domain for DNS management.

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Thanks Huyhoa
Is this attachment okay?

kind regards

Remove 2 records as i marked in the picture below

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Thank you Huyhoa
You have been a great help
Kind regards

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Hello Huyh
I have been checking DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup


DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup

Instant DNS Propagation Check. Global DNS Lookup and DNS Propagation Checker. Check your DNS records around the …


and it is still not done ( 48 hours ) Has it been done correctly? or do I need to do anything else on cloudflare? Their records come up this

Hi Huyhoa

I checked status of whois of my account and it says this clientTransferProhibited how do I change this staus. I am not transfering just assigning a web host

kind regards


HI @powerdives, I noticed this thread and the great suggestions from @huyhoa, how is this working out for you? It looks like name server propagation is happening, but unsure of where you are in the process.

The client transfer prohibited is an icann hold and your domain registrar can lift that for you. Background here, https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/name-holder-faqs-2017-10-10-en.

Let us know if you’re still having any issues.

Hello Cloonan
The name server propogation is NOT working out for me at all… now 72 hours and it is still not done and I cant it assign it to my bluehost website. When I contacted bluehost they said maybe it is because it is blocked by cloudflare. and showed me the ICAAN details. Now I am stuck with a domain I regret transferring to cloudflare and a website that I spent a week making that is not connected to anything. Where on the information you kindly sent me do I look to get the status changed?
I hope this is sorted very soon… I am sick of it

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Hi @powerdives, sorry for the pain, I am poking around a bit, can you confirm some things?

  • I see the domain has been on cloudflare for a while and name servers confirmed a year ago, https://securitytrails.com/domain/stormwriter.net/history/ns
  • You’re setting up/moving hosting to bluehost
  • Did you follow this suggestion from bluehost? If you would like to host domain emails then MX record should points to Bluehost so I suggest to update domain name server to Bluehost . You can contact your domain registrar and update these records -
  • If so, when did you initiate that change of name server? With whom?

Sorry if my questions are rudimentary, I’m late to the post and trying to catch up.

Do you have a ticket open with Support, if so, can you share the number here? If not, to contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help. Please share the number here as well and I’ll add myself to that conversation. Sorry for the pain.

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Hello Cloonan, My domain was with Weebly and I used cloudflare as others did to mak more secure. I moved my registry to cloudflare several weeks ago, as it advertised as easy to do… worst mistake ever. I now w ant to assign my website to bluehost to add a website I have made. This is what I need to do
To verify ownership of the domain “stormwriter.net” please point the nameservers for the domain “stormwriter.net” to:

The nameservers are currently set to JADE.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM, KIRK.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM.


You may also set the DNS “A” record for the domain “stormwriter.net” to point to (Note: recent changes to DNS records may take a few hours to propagate)


You may also verify ownership of the domain “stormwriter.net” by creating a page at http://stormwriter.net/d306fe66.html or http://www.stormwriter.net/d306fe66.html which contains the text “59085cca” (retry assigning once the page has been created).


You may also verify ownership of the domain “stormwriter.net” by entering the EPP authorization code, which must be obtained from your current registrar. The EPP code will NOT be used to transfer the domain.

EPP Code:

Invalid EPP authorization code

I went the first route to point DNS A at blue host. but that is obviously not working as 72 hours later it has Still not propergrated. I do not want to move DNS servers as I want ot use cloudflare security and I cant find EPP authorisation code… I am stuck and very angry with cloudflare and their easy claims to get help.

Thank you for the details, they are helpful. Unfortunately, this is not a configuration option:

We need the name servers to be changed to cloudflare in order to manage the zone.

Pointing the A record should have worked with the settings on your dns app.


There are icann rules on how long you have to wait between transfers, the option will appear when it’s allowed by those regulations. I searched online and am seeing 60 days but I’d thought it was shorter. This has been discussed here and others may be able to verify.

Some actions you want to take are gated by time, I’d like for your site to be operational if we have to wait to take steps.

As your nameservers were confirmed some time ago and needed to be pointed to cf to transfer the domain, I am not sure as to why they are still propagating. Which leads to my question of

That https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=suppor just sends me to my account page and yes, i have made several support tickets and contact facebook help who told me to email… I have never heard ANYTHING from a customer support in my email… the one time i did was a long time ago and it never said anything just ‘your case has been resolved???..’ the worst mistake I have made is registering with cloudflare. Its been a nightmare and still is.

I found your tickets, multiple tickets just slow the process, nonetheless, the replies you received each mention “This is an automated response which we hope has answered your question. If you need further assistance, simply reply to this email to reach a Cloudflare Technical Support Engineer.”

Can you answer this question:

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Hi Cloonan
No my question has never been answered all the tickets said it you issue has been resolved… it hasnt and i could not reply on ticket, I followed blue host suggestion with the help of Huyhoa and my dns pointed to bluehost I change A and Cname on dns and delete other things and it was correct … i sent screenshot to bluehost… that was 3 days ago and today but it is still not propergated correctly… now 72 hours later. still not resolved

The domain was confirmed as registered with cloudflare weeks ago and the nameservers DNS point to cloudflare

Calm down and just wait. You are now on cloudflare and just do as i said. That’s it
Since i have just recheck your website, seem it’s point to wrong ip.

As you are now on cloudflare just a week or few, so the only option for you now is change A record on cloudflare to point to Bluehost.
Please do exactly as this picture:

And then you are good to go. Please dont care about other like dns or something.

If your site still not working from your site after you do as exact like picture above, just ask us here to recheck it and then we can have solution for you.

yes I remove them 3 days ago