Pointing domain to WPEngine = error 1014


I’m working on moving my company Web site to WPEngine. WPEngine gives you a temporary subdomain while you dev the site. Now that it’s ready to go live, I’ve attached my domain to the site in WPEngine, and then have been instructed on the Cloudflare DNS side to add a CNAME for the domain that points to my dot wpenginepowered dot com When I do that and then load domain in the browser, I get a big error message that says:

“Error 104 CNAME Cross-User Banned.”

I see several posts on this forum for folks who have had this error, but not a lot of definitive resolution. The KB article says I may need to purchase Cloudflare for SaaS. I have a hard time believing I’d need to purchase an additional service for a DNS change.

Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated!


Welp, turns out it was a patience issue on my end. I simply waited a few hours and the “pairing” (my words) between my Cloudflare config and WPEngine’s ironed itself out and now things work fine.

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