Pointing domain to multiple nameservers?

I recently transferred a domain name to Cloudflare after the recent Enom disaster that left us without any DNS records for over 3 days.

What I’m trying to do is prevent another situation like that from ever happening again.

Ideally, I’d like to have the domain transferred to Cloudflare and DNS hosted with Cloudflare. I’d also like to be able to modify the nameservers of the domain with the first two nameservers pointing to Cloudflare, and an additional 4 nameserver entries pointing to Azure. This way, in the event Cloudflare ever has an issue, our DNS records will continue to resolve.

However, I’m not seeing the ability to modify the nameservers for a domain name transferred into Cloudflare. Is this not possible?

Right, that’s not possible unless you’re on an Enterprise Plan.


Thank you! Well, there goes my plans. What does enterprise cost with Cloudflare? Azure doesn’t support DNS zone transfer either so I’d have to locate a different primary DNS provider that does… perhaps Constellix?

Any advice with a cost effective way of setting up redundant nameservers would be appreciated. Thank you!

Enterprise is thousands of dollars per month.

My opinion is that there’s no compelling reason for DNS redundancy on Cloudflare. Outages here are rarer than a blue moon. A DNS outage here would trigger the highest priority scramble to fix it because it’s the most critical part of Cloudflare services.

My advice would be to use a different registrar where you can immediately change name servers if there were to be an outage. Granted, this is about a 24 hour TTL, but most name server changes are picked up pretty quickly by major DNS providers. I’m testing this right now on a couple of unused domains I have and will post back with some timing results.

UPDATE: After about ten minutes, my .com update has propagated to about three-fourths of the NS lookups at DNSChecker.org. My .us update hasn’t propagated anywhere.

Thanks for your advice and labbing this out. I would agree that this is probably the most realistic option. I will give it a go on my end and transfer our domain to another registrar that allows us to change the nameservers on-demand and keep DNS with Cloudflare. Ideally, Cloudflare doesn’t go down and if it does, it’s very brief, but Enom really ruined alot of peoples weekends last week and that is a situation that we would like to avoid in the future.

Thanks again!

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