Pointing Domain to Minecraft Server DNS


Is there anyone here that is familar with the setup of DNS - A, SRV records?

I have been trying to point cloudflare DNS to my minecraft server, I have followed multiple tutorials online to see whether there is any difference but everything is correct. I have ensured that the ports are open and that access can be made, I can access the server from the external IP address but not from the domain but, still given it 48 hours I still am unable to connect from DOMAIN

The play record needs to be DNS Only :grey:. The SRV record will work, but the origin will not be protected by Cloudflare.

Cloudflare supports Minecraft on :orange: hostnames when using Cloudflare Spectrum, but that is likely to be very expensive.

I’m not entirely sure about that. I suspect that the warning next to the SRV record says that pointing a SRV record to a hostname exposes the origin IP address. According to Mark Meyer’s info, the target can still be set to :orange: because it will resolve to the origin IP address.

I don’t know what Minecraft is, but use this tutorial:

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I managed to get it working you were right that it could only be DNS only, I was just trying to mitigate DDOS protection so the servers wouldn’t be impacted was trying to cut a corner

That’s curious, then. What was the little warning triangle saying?

It just basically says it will expose the IP address

That’s what I thought, which makes me wonder why it has to be set to :orange:, as it looks like a SRV record will bypass the Proxy.

It looks like they made a change here. They do the same trick as for :orange: MX records, and returns a dc-randomstring.example.com. in the SRV if the target is :orange:, but return the actual target name if the target is :grey:.

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