Pointing domain name to hostinger

I am using Cloudflare Nameservers, how then will i point my domain name to Hostinger?

Please, I need help.

Getting Started

This issue has not been resolved, I need to point my domain name to Hostinger,com.

Please, assist.

What was unclear about the guide @Withheld posted?

I did not see such issue addressed on the guide.

Getting Started might be a good start :wink:

I am yet to understand what you mean. my domain was pointing to 000webhost before i upgraded, which means i need to point it to Hosinger now i have upgraded. My challenge is that the nameserver i used is that of
Cloudflare, how will i point it to another host which is hostinger?

There is no need to change the nameservers. Your new hosting provider will give you the CNAME target or IP address to which to point your host and you add/edit that in your Cloudflare DNS.

Cloudflare partner?

Not as far as I know… but if you set up a site with %random host% they tell you where to point your records for www or blog or whatever.

Thank you. I have been given the IP address. I need the procedure to point it in Cloudflare DNS.
Please, give me the procedure to guide me.

Go to the DNS tab. Select the entry you want to add or modify and add or modify it.


I am still having issue of pointing my domain name to hostinger which is my host even after inputting the IP in the Cloudflare DNS. When i checked after 24 hours, the IP was not showing again.

It is getting frustrated. Please, assist.


What’s your domain?


There’s no DNS record for www.footballglobalfansforum.online

Your site is reachable at footballglobalfansforum.online

In the Cloudflare Dashboard, use the DNS page to add an “A” (or CNAME) record for ‘www’ (no quotes)
It most likely should match the DNS record for footballglobalfansforum.online (maybe it’s a CNAME record)

ok, i will try that. thanks

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see screenshort of how it looks now after adding CNAME

I have added the CNAME, it brought up a name in the box and name domain name in the next box.
The box with name, what will i fill in? and box with domain name, will i fill in www.footballglobalfansforum.online? and where will i fill in


Name: www
Domain name: footballglobalfansforum.online

No need to input IP, since it points to the A record that already has it.

ok. is there any way to confirm whether my nameservers are pointing to my web host (Hostinger)?
It was 000webhost before i transferred my domain to Hostinger when i upgraded.I believe the nameservers should point to hostinger to reflect the new status. This is the real challenge i have.