Pointing domain from Cloudflare to Wix & Wix says domain is not connected

Wix gave us instructions on how to point our domain from Cloudflare to Wix. Wix seems unable to verify the connection of the domain, even though it’s properly set up. When I remove the “proxied” status and make it DNS, the entire site breaks and doesn’t connect to Wix at all. Not sure what’s going wrong here. Any help is appreciated!

What instructions did Wix provide?

I understood they didn’t support CF ? Has that changed?

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Wix told us how to point from Cloudflare to Wix by adding an A record and CNAME record. It worked, but we’re still running into issues with Wix seeing the domain is connected, thus some pages are http and some are https.

Can you provide a DNS screenshot?

Make sure the A and CNAME records are grey clouds.

Does Wix provide an SSL?

What settings are you using under SSL in Cloudflare.

Also , try the the ‘Always Use HTTPS’ setting under SSL
Navigate to SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates.
For Always Use HTTPS, switch the toggle to On.

What’d does Wix support say?

To be honest, Wix might not be a good hosting choice if you want to work with Cloudflare. They are not completely compatible.

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