Pointing DNS elsewhere

I’ve been using Cloudflare as a host via Vultr (someone else setup hosting for me when I created my website) and now I’m trying to move hosts from Cloudflare to SiteGround.

I couldn’t find anywhere on Vultr or Cloudflare’s dashboard a method for changing nameservers, so I went to my domain’s GoDaddy dashboard to change the nameservers to my new SiteGround ones, and now I cannot find or access my website.

I’ve now changed them back to the Cloudflare details and still unable to view my website or access the backend of it.

Someone help please!

What’s the domain? And do you want to use Cloudflare at this point or not?

Paddybatesman. com

And no, I want to move away from Cloudflare.

I’m also worried that I might’ve lost all the content and data from my site

In that case set your domain to the nameservers provided by your host and it should work. Cloudflare won’t be involved at that point.

But when I set the domain to my SiteGround nameservers, my website wasn’t appearing publicly and I couldnt gain access to the wordpress backend of the website?

Then you need to contact your host to clarify that.

Im sure Cloudflare is my host, but I dont know how to redirect nameservers from Cloudflare dashboard

Cloudflare is no host and if you don’t want to use Cloudflare you should change the nameservers to your host and ideally drop the domain from Cloudflare. For any further information, you will need to contact your host I am afraid.

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