Pointing CNAME in Cloudfront to Amazon S3 Bucket

Good evening all,

I’m wondering if someone could possibly help me please?

I have recently successfully set up my amazon AWS S3 bucket to my Wordpress site.

I am using Namecheap, and have my namecheap pointing to the Cloudflare servers, so all is in good order at the moment.

I’m just having one problem. My URL for images i upload to Amazon S3 is really long, and for better SEO, and for obvious reasons, i want to shorten the very long URL.

I’ve followed some Cloudflare steps, and also followed steps by the plugin I’m using for the S3 Bucket, but it’s not working.

It says i need to create a CNAME on Cloudflare, with my bucket name, then the Amazon S3 bucket URL.

My bucket name is media.insomniacs.party

So i’ve created a CNAME on Cloudflare with media.insomniacs.party.s3.eu‑west‑2.amazonaws.com

And then changed the plugin settings to Cloudflare DNS.

The shortened URL is showing. But the images won’t load.

The genuine URL for my uploads is: https://s3.eu‑west‑2.amazonaws.com/media.insomniacs.party/THENUPLOADS

I’m really stuck at what I’m doing wrong here. And not sure what else to try. I’m obviously doing the CNAME link wrong. My URL uploads is showing my bucket name at the end of the URL. So do i need to add that the same in the CNAME?

I really need to get this URL shortened, so that i can get the new content added to my website, as ive been stuck on this for a good few days now. And it’s really frustrating me, because i know it’s something so small that I’m doing wrong.

Any advice would be very greatly appreciated. I’m so glad that I’ve successfully setup Cloudfront to my domain and servers, and also got the bucket working alongside them well.

But it’s just this CNAME so that i can get the url shortened, but apparently i have to do this on Cloudflare because my new website thankfully runs through Cloudflare.

Please help.

Thanks in advance, hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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