Pointing Cloudflare DNS to AWS Load balancer

I’m trying to configure Cloudflare DNS to point to the AWS Load Balancer so I can finally route traffic to my web instances.

Since an A Record in AWS Route 53 can also be an alias, you can assign a load balancer to an A record. However an A Record ultimately should resolve to an IP but the AWS Load Balancers could have multiple IPs (one for each of the availability zone) and those change regularly thus pointing the A Record created in Cloudflare to one of those IPs is not going to work.

How can I point my domain in Cloudflare to a Load Balancer in AWS?


The IP is not static but the domain it’s, so instead of using A record pointing to an IP, you should configure a CNAME pointing to AWS domain which is something like this:


Are you saying that I don’t need an A Record in my Cloudflare set up?

Yes, you should be able to configure a CNAME only.
Please find the procedure i had in mind:

For your case i believe AWS is also your registrar right?
You have to change the NS in Route53 to cloudflare ones.

just found this article in google How to configure Route 53 to Cloudflare

My registrar is GoDaddy and GoDaddy points to Route 53. The goal is to point GoDaddy to Cloudflare. I have checked that link before and it is of no help for me.

:wave: @alexi1,

Not sure that article wouldn’t be helpful. The replacement of an A record with a CNAME targeting the AWS LB name is the answer. What about that approach is causing you difficulties?


This i my approach:

  • I’m pointing my DNS records from GoDaddy to Cloudflare (I don’t want to transfer the domain to Cloudflare)
  • An A Record must point to an IP address however this will not be possible with AWS Load Balancers due to their dynamic nature — they have an IP for each of the availability zone they serve and these IPs change often and without a notice.
  • I have created two CNAMEs to point to the AWS Load Balancer: one for the root @ and one for www.

With my basic knowledge about DNS I know that you need an A record for the root. I was hoping a CNAME record will work with Cloudflare.

Lastly I cannot see where I can add an SOA record in Cloudflare so currently Cloudflare is still telling me that I have not changed the DNS records.