Pointing an external CNAME subdomain to a cloudflare-hosted subdomain (error 1016 - origin dns error)

Hi community!
I need help to solve the following error.
We are setting up a white label environment for our customers to point a CNAME record (outside Cloudflare) to a Cloudflare-protected server of ours.
We handle requests in our environment by parsing the servername flag in NGINX. For this a customer points a subdomain (eg clientsubdomain.domain) via CNAME to our Cloudflare-hosted subdomain (eg white-label.ourprotecteddomain.com). We have an A type record white-label.ourprotecteddomain.com pointing to our destination server, but we are getting error 1016 - Origin DNS error.
In our tests using our other Cloudflare-protected domains, everything is normal, but the customer doesn’t use Cloudflare services.

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You would need a special CNAME setup that is available on Business or Enterprise plans.

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Hi @sdayman!

Right… my plan is PRO. This will not work?

Thank you!

Actually sounds more like SSL for SaaS which is an ENT feature.

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Thank you, @cs-cf .
I’ll pass to our team to check this.

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Hi @Judge .

Thank you! I’ll check this.

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