Pointing a CNAME to "links.switchy.io." within GrooveFunnels doesn't propagate

I use GrooveFunnels, which uses CloudFlare to manage DNS inside the platform.

I have connected my domain gregbeazley[dot]com to GrooveFunnels successfully.

I have created a CNAME of “go” and “link” which point to “links.switchy.io.”, which is a link shortening service. When pasting this into Groove DNS it automatically removes the “.” from “links[dot]switch[dot]io[dot]”. Groove Support said CloudFlare doesn’t support the “.”, but while Switchy’s recommendation is to use the link with the “.” included at the end, they have confirmed that it is not needed for the domain to propagate correctly.

However, despite setting up the CNAME and pointing to Switchy as per the instructions, the CNAME has yet to propagate. Meanwhile, the other CNAME on the DNS is chat[dot]gregbeazley[dot]com and it has propagated fine.

Groove Support is now out of options and has recommended I contact CloudFlare Support for assistance in resolving this issue, so I really hoping someone in the Community can help me with this.

Is there anything I can do to make this CNAME for Switchy work?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Attached is a screenshot of Groove DNS and the CNAME in question.

Try turning off the “Cache using Cloudflare” option.

OMG. That did the trick! I can’t believe it was that simple. Thank you so much for your help!!! BIG virtual high-five your way!


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