Pointing 2 domains to the same website, but keeping 2 domain URLs visible

I have a website, and its up and running. I have also bought a second domain. I want to point the new domain to the existing website. But I want the user of the new domain to see the new URL.

So for example the old website URL is:-
www dot example dot com/myHomepage)

I want the user to be able to access the same site at:
www dot newaddress dot com/myHomepage)

I will only have one web application but the URi’s will all map 1 to 1 just the domains will be different.

Is it possible to do this via the DNS record in Cloudflare?

DNS alone cannot accomplish this. Your origin server needs to know to what content to serve when it receives a request for your new.example.com site.

Additionally, duplicate content, such as running identical content on more than one domain, can carry search ranking penalties. This is something that you may want take into account and run by your SEO advisor before you expend additional effort.

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