Pointed to the right nameservers, been waiting for 48 hours


I pointed my domain nameservers to the right adresses but its been over 48 hours and nothing is happening. It is still pending forever.

These are the name servers that I added.
The domain is instabarista.ca

Everything looks correct to me. From that page, I believe there’s a button to Re-Check name servers. Have you tried that? If so, I suggest you open a Support Ticket:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

Yes I have. 3 times already :confused:

I did a check with what’s my DNS and it seems they’re starting to propagate, did you remove the non CF name servers, too?

There is still a Dreamhost nameserver configured.

You need to remove that one.

Really? Won’t that take down my website? Don’t I need to keep a dreamhost nameserver for my website to be online?

Again, as long as you have that nameserver you domain will not verify.

Thanks. Can you tell me if this will take the website down?

I wouldnt have suggested it it it did, would I have? :wink:

No, it wont, as Cloudflare is your authoritative nameserver at this point. That is assuming of course you imported all necessary DNS records.

I just deleted the Dreamhost nameserver and my website is still online. Im guessing that the DNS records were imported right.

How does one verify to be sure ?

With DNS things are not instantaneous. So if there is an issue it might only show in a couple of hours or tomorrow. You should simply compare the DNS records in Cloudflare with those of Dreamhost.

The only DNS records I have on my CF panel are the following:

FTP, instabarista.ca, SSH & WWW.

What about MX records for mail?

That’s odd that @sandro sees a DH name server. I saw that some hadn’t propagated, but the majority of DNS sites showed just the two Cloudflare ones.


No domain emails have been created yet for this domain.

The .ca nameservers return the two Cloudflare servers and one Dreamhost one.

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If all the records you have in Dreamhost show up in Cloudflare too, everything should be alright.

The 4 Nameservers I told you earlier are showing in Dreamhost. Only the old ns1, ns2, ns3 from dreamhost are not on my CF panel. Do I need to add them ?

All you need to do is set only the two nameservers Cloudflare gave you.

Thank you for your time.