Point to not work

I made point to and no point

I don’t get your problem. :thinking:

Since it is Hetzner, I guess you are from Germany? Wen can switch to German if you like :slight_smile:

I from polen. I add DNS to domain . My domain goes to Cloudflare server and in settings i select my domain will be redirect to and not work

Would you mind to tell us the domain in question? Or at least a detailed error description please. “doesn’t work” could be… Anything :wink:

The domain not redirect to I see only acces to Cloudflare. It is Cloudflareaccess.com

Cloudflare Access is a secure access service / user management from Cloudflare.

Sorry but I still don’t get your problem. :frowning:
you have your own domain, lets say example.com and you want to point it to your server’s IP, right?

Cloudflareaccess.com is not a domain you can manage


yes, yes, yes

You have an Access policy (on the Access tab) created for the root of your site (with no authentication method). Your www site goes through just fine. You need to either remove the Access policy or finish configuring the authentication mechanism for it.

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Its work! You are BIG! Thanks.

He has also BIG access and knows your account. I don’t. :wink:

Thanks for rescue. :smiley:

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