Point to another sub domain on another server

Hello, I want my domain (http://mysite.es/) to point to another sub domain on another server (http://sub.anothersite.net/). I have read in the forum the following suggestion: create CNAME with @ and with value the subdomain … but it doesn’t work. Can you help me?

Hi @cla967,

Do you just want a redirect from one to the other, or do you want the content of one displayed on the other? In the first case, you can use a page rule to redirect. The second case is harder if the serve is not configured to serve content for your domain, there are various ways of doing ot but nothing directly built in to Cloudflare.

Thanks domjh
for answering so quickly
It would be the second case … I have created a new website on another server with a sub.anothersite.net and I would like to show that content in the URL mysite.es.

I have tried the first case anyway … and it didn’t work:
I have created a record in mysite.es CNAME with @ and with the value sub.anothersite.net

With Page Rules I have been able to temporarily solve my problem by redirecting to my subdomain. Thanks @domjh

Sorry for the delay, glad it is solved temporarily. It may be possible to achieve what you are looking for with Cloudflare Workers, but this is a paid feature and requires quite a bit of setup.

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