Point to a new IP


Please how I can edit the old IP to a new one, because in my server Banahosting have made changes and the IP number is different.

Thank you and regards,


Thank you Sandro! I can’t find how to do it

In the DNS control panel update the record(s) which point to the old value to the new value provided by the host.

Thank you cscharff, but I still don’t know what to do, because on Cloudflare DNS control panel I have the message “Your DNS zone file is hosted by BanaHosting.com, a Cloudflare partner. Changes to your DNS settings must be made through the BanaHosting.com website”, but I need to make the change on Cloudflare as been requested by Banahosting

Ah, send them that text. They are incorrect as to who and where the changes need to be made. They control the DNS mappings for your domains

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