Point the DNS to my server?

Hi, my webhost said I need to point the DNS on Cloudflare to my webhost’s server. How do I do this, please?

They probably mean that you need DNS records in your Cloudflare account that point to your server’s IP address. You probably already did this, but it’s set to :orange: which tells the world to connect to Cloudflare so they can connect to your site. Now your web host don’t think it’s properly set. But it is.

Does your website work?

No, my website now won’t load. What do I do, please?

What’s your domain?

Also https://www.blossomtips.com

They are loading again, thank you. I think I clicked the grey clouds, because I thought I was supposed to. :frowning: Oops. But I still don’t know where how to change the DNS records to point to my server’s IP address. Can you help with that?

Since they both load ok, DNS is fine. Switch them back to :orange: and they should still work.

Thank you so much - it’s all good. Really appreciate your help!

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