Point subdomains to more than one host


Hi! I was trying to point two subdomains to two different hosting providers. e.g. sub1.zalab.co to surge.sh and sub2.zalab.co to google app engine. I didn’t manage to get this through. It works fine if you point all to one host for ex. to surge.sh but I want to point different subdomains to different hosts. How can I do this?


You should be able to point sub1.zalab.co to na-west1.surge.sh and sub2.zalab.co to ghs.googlehosted.com with the use of CNAME records.

Please ensure that you have registered your custom subdomain to both Surge and Google App Engine, and have verified your domain through Google Webmaster Tools.

For more information on registering your subdomain to the respective hosting providers, please refer to this Google Cloud Platform Help Page and Surge Help Page


I’ve been playing around with it, but still, it doesn’t work. It says “redirected too many times” for the subdomain that I’ve been trying to setup with google app engine - twittermates.zalab.co. Everything works fine with surge.sh but app engine does not. I’m mapping twittermates.zalab.co in the google console and I’ve been trying with both pointing CNAME and A/AAAA records. But the result is the same.


Do you use Flexible SSL? If so, try changing it to Full mode. Since Google forces HTTPS, it may cause a redirect loop with Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL.


This moved things forward. Now I’m getting “SSL handshake failed”. Do you know something besides what’s stated on CloudFlare’s troubleshooting page https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200278659 to point me in the right direction? Thank you so much for taking your time in helping me!


Do you have a SSL certificate set up at Google App Engine? If not, please upload a certificate. A self-signed one with RSA 2048-bit and high expiry date should work.

Google provide a guide to upload a certificate here and you can also follow this Heroku tutorial to generate a self-signed certificate.