Point subdomain to original IP

So I bough a domain at domain.com, I am now hosting my website from home and wanted SSL protection, so I created a cloudflare account, registered my domain here and enabled SSL, everything is working fine. I noticed that the IP that the domain points to changed.

What I want to do is point a subdomain to my original IP and disable SSL, because right now everything points to cloudflare’s IP. I tried creating a rule to a subdomain and replacing the name server for that subdomain to what it used to be but it didnt work. Any ideas?

If the DNS record is set to :orange:, it will use Cloudflare’s IP address for the reverse proxy server.

If you want connections to bypass Cloudflare and go straight to your original IP address, edit the DNS entry so it is set to :grey:.

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It worked, thank you very much!

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