Point subdomain to ip and separate port

I have two application one running on port 80 to handle http requests and the second on port 3000,
how can i route a sub domain to my server ip with port 3000 like

application is accessible by ip and port.

As long as you dont try to route it over Cloudflare you can point to that IP/port combination just like as with any regular URL. That wouldnt be really Cloudflare related however.

Cloudflare allows certain ports.

Also you can use a reverse proxy on your server to forward app.mydomain.com to localhost:3000.

I can start application one of those ports, but how to point to those ports?

As you do when you are not behind Cloudflare: yourdomain:port.

As I mentioned before, just like as with any other URL. That is rather a web design question than related to Cloudflare.

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