Point subdomain to IP and port

I have a Rocket.Chat install running on port 3000 and I want to add a subdomain (chat.mydomain.com) that redirects to Rocket.Chat (x.x.x.x:3000).

Is this possible? if so, how would I go about this? (Free plan)

Create a Page Rule, set the URL to chat.mydomain.com/*, enter the destination URL (http://x.x.x.x:3000) and choose either a 301 or 302 type redirect.

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Thanks for the quick reply,
Does it just take time to start working?

Just did a test, and seems to be instant:

michael$ curl -i https://chat.mkie.cf/ 2>&1 | egrep "location|HTTP"
HTTP/2 302 
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Hmm, cause it’s not working for me

just shows chromes “Site cannot be reached”

See Using page rules to perform redirects

Try creating a “A” DNS record with the name/subdomain “chat” and set the value to


The dummy NS record hack seems redundant to most users (they think CF handles all DNS related work, which is not true here). It can be automated.

Thank you so much! It works now!

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