Point Subdomain to A record


Can someone help me or point my subdomain to this A record for me. I do not feel comfortable doing it. This is the A record:

Brendan Conner

That somewhat makes since. So I did an A record here is a screen shot of what i did.

The subdomain should be a single word. What’s the full subdomain you’re trying to add?

I believe my subdomain is just www.

That doesn’t agree with the IP address you have for your domain name. Normally, www and your domain name point to the same location. But you should have a www entry.

What’s the “jum” at the end of the hostname you boxed in your screenshot?

So it is Jump. a White Label Software it is "flatspacemarketing.comjumpsoftware. However Idk if that is correct.

All that I know is that I need to direct my subdomain to this A record #:

That’s definitely not correct.

Flatspacemarketing already has a website. www also works for that site.

What is you’re trying to add from jumpsoftware? Some other web page or section of your domain?

I will touch base with them and get back to you. Thanks, sorry it is confusing.

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I created a subdomain and pointed that subdomain to the A record I believe that is correct now. Let me know.


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