Point site to another site that resolves to three IPs

We are trying to point a site to another site, which resolves to three IPs. Therefore, we are trying to use CNAME records for @ and www. We are getting certificate errors when we attempt to visit the site; uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because it is self-signed. I have scoured Cloudflare documentation but cannot find the answer. Am I missing something?

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If you can share your domain name, it can often to lead to better and more specific answers since the Community will be able to look at things on their own.

The seemingly obvious answer to

is to replace the self-signed certificate on your origin server with one issued by a publicly trusted certificate authority.

It was blocking URLs.

www.visionzerocfl. gov
metroplan-orlando-regional-vision-zero-metroplan.hub.arcgis. com

You definitely need to coordinate with the administrators of the metroplan-orlando-regional-vision-zero-metroplan.hub.arcgis.com site to ensure that a valid publicly trusted certificate is installed on their server and is referenced by the www.visionzerocfl.gov virtual host configuration.

That’s where I started. The IT person at arcgis. com says he can’t put a cert on their server because they don’t own visionzerocfl. gov, which, while technically it’s not true, it would be unusual.

Since it is government work, I am going to assume that moving to a better qualified vendor is not an option.

If you cannot engage with someone there who has a better understanding of the importance of proper certificate usage, you may have to just settle for an HTTPS redirect from Cloudflare to the canonical name in the arcgis.com domain.

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