Point owned domain to localhost address?

So I bought a domain viadomain.com and I have an application I’d like it to point to for outside local network access.

To clarify the app runs on my system and is accessible on my home network via localhost:5000.
I’ve added the site to Cloudflare, but am not sure how to get it working so when I load www.siteaddress.co it loads the localhost page for outside network access.

I took a look and it appears there is an app via Cloudflares market, Portzilla, but I have no idea what I’m doing.

I appreciate any help or insight anyone can provide me. This is all new to me and well I’m pretty sure my head is gonna explode.

Thanks to all.

First question, which protocol does that application use?

I’ll be honest I am not sure. The application is Ombi. Its running on my local machine of course.
Sorry if this is not answering the question, I’m learning all this as I go.

Well, you need to make sure it is using HTTP. Nothing else can be proxied via Cloudflare. But even if it does, you need to change the port, as Cloudflare does not support port 5000.

Ok so I just want to make sure I understand. I cannot use Cloudflare DNS to set www.mysite.co/ombi to access localhost:5000 or mypublicip:5000? Reverse proxy won’t help either? Do I have this right? Thank you for your replies.

You can use Cloudflare, but if it does not fit aforementioned requirements you can only use the DNS part. At best you could use mentioned Portzilla.

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