Point my DNS to a new address


Hi All,

I need to change my domain point to details and I have logged into the domain but I am unsure what one to change and I need this done by 12noon today.

Can anyone help?



To point to Cloudflare, you’ll need to go to your Domain Registrar and point the Nameservers to the ones provided by Cloudflare.


**Also, by noon today can not be guaranteed as DNS can take some time to propagate. If you panic and switch back and forth the internet won’t know where to find your server.



My domain is with Go Daddy and via that account when I first started I changed the nameserver which is done and correct.

But when I was adding in the point to details I entered the wrong info and so now I can not enter the domain via Go Daddy I have to go via CloudFlare but when I enter the domain in my account here I am confused as to which section I need to enter to point the domain to ssl.kajabi.com is it the www details one?

I just need to change that point to info to make sure my website is connected but I am not sure how to enter the details to change it?


It used to be one of these IP it’s quite a list… :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help with this :smile:


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